Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Voodoo New Year News!

We've had a fantastic Christmas on Voodoo Street, with friends and family.  In spite of a disastrous Christmas dinner (don’t go there), we’ve consumed an incredible variety of food and drink, from the hottest Mexican cheese known to mankind (the challenge being to eat it with a spoonful of Habanero sauce), the best ever roast spuds, an array of heart-bothering puddings, including a bowl of sherry served with a side order of trifle and a spiced orange cake, all washed down with tequila beers, our special reserve Voodoo Street cider and some re-discovered home made Elderberry wine, which, over time, has morphed into a sherry like no other!  Trust us, anything that can drive you to applying lipstick to mini burgers and dressing with table confetti in order to turn them into “talking party food” is worth a try!

In between, we’ve managed to squeeze in one pitiful run and a couple of bracing walks.  In fact, the winter storms have added a certain frisson of excitement to these walks, which have been re-christened “branch dodgers.”

We haven’t hit the sales as yet, as we’ve been too busy thinking of some exciting offers for you good people.  Follow us on twitter (@VoodooStreet) for up-to-date details on these.

Whatever you’re up to tonight, enjoy!  All that remains is for us to wish you all a truly awesome 2014! 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Getting into gear

It’s been a typically varied week here on Voodoo Street.

This week we said goodbye to one of our elders, a 90 year-old much loved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, who, in spite of her frailty (and lack of interest in popular culture post 1945!) was still championing Voodoo Street in her final days!   Kath, you will be missed.

We also attended a hot rod meet (Greasy) and saw some pretty incredible cars and truly stylish people, showcasing their tattoos, hairdos and vintage style to perfection!   Looking forward to meeting them again.

We now have stock and have been busy photographing garments on our old school shop mannequins.  We find that these are less troublesome and display far fewer diva qualities than living and breathing models.  As our followers on Facebook and Instagram will have spotted, given a little attention, even these mannequins can become narcissistic, as our mannequin “selfie” proves!

We have more stock on the way, courtesy of some extremely talented screen printers, namely Get a Grip, who work tirelessly for punk rock bands and indecisive clothing companies…ahem.

They will be bringing to life the awesome artwork of one Dan Bowden, a Brighton based illustrator who more than satisfied our brief to produce a limited edition ocean festival poster launching the Voodoo Street brand.  The hand pulled, water based screen prints will imminently be available on our organic cotton T-shirts.  We hope that their base on Floodgate Street is an omen for our sales!  Keep an eye on the website for updates.

We are also pleased to see that word is spreading.  Only this morning, I walked past someone wearing a Voodoo Street T-shirt and spotted a mint VW van bearing one of our stickers.  Makes all the hard work seem worthwhile.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Final Push

So it’s been a hectic few months on the street gearing up for the annual wallet battering that is Christmas.

We have some really cool, design-led images for you this Christmas, including a muscle car inspired design from Vampire Bodyshop and limited stock of the awesome Voodoo Street Ocean Fest poster design, sponsored by all our friends on Voodoo Street.  Official recognition of this design has been forthcoming from one of the area’s renowned graffiti artists, so job done as far as we’re concerned!  There’s also a funky tribute to vintage magazines in “The Haunting of Voodoo Street” which we’re currently selling on women’s winter warmer, long line French Navy hoodies.

Meanwhile, the supper club’s still going strong.  Recently, we’ve been treated to super-sized home made profiteroles and Evo has been banging out his famous roast pork and crackling, spicy pulled pork and an amazing lamb, coconut and mango curry.  Tonight it’s his turn again and, given that it’s now December, he’s made a bread and butter pudding with chocolate chip panettone and Baileys.  So I expect to see more twilight runners than usual, busy burning those calories!

Meanwhile, our almost antique car is going in for its MOT – still on original clutch and turbo engine with a terrifying number of miles on the clock!  We have every faith that she’ll pass.  But if not, the beast (for the uninitiated, that’s our beloved P6 Rover 3500S) will roam the streets once again!

Keep an eye on the website for testimonials and offers.  There’s free delivery on all UK orders this December.  Have a good one!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Voodoo Street. Something wicked this way comes.

We've had a busy year working on the itty bitty details that make all the difference when starting your own streetwear clothing line.  We've been there, seen it, done it...and nearly got the T-shirts!

Every stage of development has been analysed intricately and debated and deliberated over; from labels to logo, from website to weight of cotton.  So here's an abridged version of our year so far...

Madness takes hold.

When, on one dismal day in March (after yet another unresolved discussion on our logo design), Gaz stated that God had emailed us telling us that we had definitely gone crazy, we decided we needed a break.  That break came in May, from both a hefty workload and the longest winter on record.

Sun, sea and stickers

Cornwall came good and we soaked up the sun and witnessed some pretty amazing waves, particularly at a little known beach named Duckpool.  We were so inspired by good company and spectacular scenery, that we began our gorilla marketing campaign and left a little adhesive reminder of Voodoo Street behind.  Anyone spotted it?

The word on the street!

 Renewed, we hit the high street in June to conduct some market research.  Our general approach was to shove a page of designs under the noses of unwitting shoppers and blurt out our stock phrase: “We’re not selling (not yet anyway) and we don’t want any personal details!”   Maybe it was that we weren't talking about energy supplies or maybe not.  The fact is we we were overwhelmed by positive feedback.

Light at the end of the tunnel...

There followed a period of web development, sourcing suppliers and acquiring samples of our designs, which is ongoing.  We also managed to squeeze in an inspiring visit to Giffords' Family Circus, a surreal, vintage affair.

Halloween, our favourite time of year, was spent riding the ghost train out into the darkness of the Severn Valley.  The event is gathering momentum and for once, we didn't feel over-dressed.  This year's costume inspirations were equal parts Day of the Dead, Voodoo Priest, Mighty Boosh and Tim Burton heroine.  

The dark nights, comfort food and frosty mornings have firmly taken hold (good job we're working on some awesome sweatshirt designs).  The moon is almost full and as every Voodoo aficionado knows, the lunar phases influence the magic....so watch this space.